With its abundant renewable resources and unique, deregulated power market, Alberta is an the ideal location for innovations in the clean energy industry.

The Plan

Our long-term strategy includes the construction of multiple commercial power plants throughout Alberta, before expanding to other markets. In order to achieve this goal, we are developing a smaller-scale Pilot Plant. Lessons learned from the Pilot will support the commercialization of full-scale Renewable Peaker Plants throughout Alberta and beyond.

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Alberta's Porcupine Hills: Site of the Pilot Plant

planning + development stage of the pilot plant

Nestled in the Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta lies a piece of property that has all the requirements to construct and test our pilot project. In addition to having the proper topography, this area boasts some of the greatest wind resources in North America. We have procured an option on the land, completed most of the preliminary studies, and are working towards breaking ground in summer 2019. 

We want to revolutionize Canada’s energy future!